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Who was Leonhard Seppala
Seppala Nomination 2017 - Valerie Parent
Sportsmanship Nomination 2017 - Tony Cambrella

The Leonhard Seppala Award is presented each year to a club member in good standing who is a "leader in sportsmanship, outstanding in club participation,  and presents a positive public image in the sport of dog sledding."

2017 Nominations to the left

  Previous Recipients of the Award
Jeff McRobbie
Dave and Darlene Farr
Joan Chapman
Lindy Howe
Terry Knowles
Alan & Elaine Thomas
Doug Brunner
Julie White
The Benson Family

Sportsmanship Award
2016 Nominations to the left

                          Previous recipients
                                 Ron Bates
                                    Carter Quist


The Allan Thomas Good Sportsmanship Award        

                        1. This award will be presented annually to one club member in good standing who fulfills the following:

                                    a. Performs an act of good sportsmanship at a TMHSDC race event.

                                    b. A nomination in written form is presented to the club Vice President at the spring meeting.

                        2. The board of directors will meet prior to the fall meeting to select the recipient of the award from nominations.

                        3. If there are no nominations the award will not be presented.