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Please register for all events with Julie by Thursday before the event;
Contact by phone at - 207-341-0015
        by e-mail at -

January 21 Bradford sprint race;  4 dog, 6 dog, recreation class, 1 dog kid, and ski-joring class.  Usual mileage.

There is a suggested first aid kit list posted here to the left that Valerie created. Please feel free to use it as your guide. 

To apply for the Basics & Beyond Scolarship;

Applicant must be between the ages of 10 and 18.
Applicant must bring 1 to 6 dogs.
Applicant must have an adult handler participating with them.
Applicant must bring a training rig and all equipment for running and caring for the dogs.
Dogs must be healthy and have proof of current immunizations.
To apply:  Write an essay stating why you would like to participate in Basics & Beyond.  Please include what your goals would be and what you hope to learn.

Winner of the scolarship will be decided by a committee of 3 and will be based on your ability to convey your enthusiasm about learning or improving on the sport of mushing.  The Scolarship includes club memberships for applicant and handler, cost of Basics & Beyond and all meals while there.

Essays MUST be in by July 1.   The winner will be announced at the July Picnic and Auction.  
Send essays to;  Joan Chapman,  116 Front Street,  Brownville,  ME  04414
Any questions?  email Joan at